M&A – Sell-side

Selling a business is a complex and challenging operation that has to be approached with confidence and peace of mind specially when the buyer is located in another country.

Most cross border operations occur either as part of an internationalization build up operation or when they involve a private equity firm or family office in a strategy to look at very specific assets.

Qualifying for a sale to an international investor requires a more risky process than a national sale where relying on ICFG with presence in over 10 countries allows to secure a safe path to overcome the numerous gaps of being lost in translation.

Over the years, ICFG has defined and sophisticated its own methodology to execute succesfully those transactions in an international environment.

Through an efficient process, the ICFG partner will advise you at each stage of the sale of the asset :

  • Qualification of the company for an international sale in view of asset features and market dynamics
  • Valuation benchmarking
  • Short listing a number of reliable counterparties with a strategic interest in the asset
  • Coordinating the preliminary work before going to market : making the company ready for a succesful sale, fine tuning the equity story, organizing the transaction supporting documentation : teaser, IM, strategic due diligence , financial due diligence…etc
  • Organizing a structured process by concentric circles to optimize the output
  • Contacting counterparties and managing the manifestations of interest
  • Structuring the process and the Letters Of Intent expected critical contents
  • Negotiating the SPA in cooperation with seller legal counsel.