Richard Peeters


Richard is the valuation specialist with Match Plan, our member based in the Netherlands. Before joining the firm in early 2019, he worked for many years as a Senior Manager at EY. He is a highly motivated specialist, with an independent point of view, a sense of humor and an eye for detail. In 2019, Richard was nominated for Business Valuator of the year.


Richard Peeters is the right specialist for any Valuation and M&A issues.

In 2019, as Director Valuation, he joined Match Plan Corporate Finance.

Before that, he was a partner at BHP & Co as of 2016, an independent Valuation and M&A boutique in Amsterdam.

His passion for Valuation, however, already originated at the beginning of his career. First working at a locally oriented Audit & Advisory firm before joining Ernst & Young (EY). Especially during his time at EY, he had the opportunity to deepen and broaden his Valuation skills in an international and corporate setting.

He is up to date regarding developments in the Valuation profession and there is always room for improvement, thereby increasing his skills and knowledge. That is why he has followed various specialization courses.

He is aware that not only technical Valuation skills play an important role in his daily work, but that also attention must also be paid to understanding the context of the Valuation and the business and industry in which clients operate. In this manner he strives to proactively advise clients and thus create clear added value. He does not only support clients with various Valuation and M&A issues, but also likes to extend his acquired knowledge to colleagues. In that context, he regularly facilitate training courses to, among others, his former colleagues at EY.


Richard completed various courses, including the Business Valuation course at the Rotterdam School of Management and more recently the post-Master of Business Valuation at the University of Groningen and a one year course in M&A, Law, Finance, Skills course at the Free University Law Academy in Amsterdam.

Life drives and passions

Enjoying hard work is fun, but life offers so many more things to enjoy. In his free time, Richard enjoys sports (cross fit, for example) and traveling. And of course, he likes a nice snack and a drink every now and then.

The Hague, Netherlands