Thomas Beaurain


Thomas is a corporate finance expert with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He has a deep knowledge of the agritech / foodtech industrial fields.

Based in Paris, he is the Chairman of Societex / ICFG France


Thomas started his career as an auditor at KPMG and worked in particular for international key accounts in the agrifood sector.

He joined SOCIETEX in 2005 as valuation specialist, and worked in particular on operations with the Ministry for Finance and the AMF (the French financial market authority).

He took over a 50-people strong agrifood company in 2008 which he developed for 5 years (including the construction of a new plant), and which he then transferred to a French family-run group.

Thomas re-joined SOCIETEX in September 2014, and now provides both his technical valuation skills as well as his personal experience to better advise his clients as regards transfer & acquisition operations.

Thomas Beaurain was appointed Chairman of SOCIETEX in April 2019.


Thomas holds a Master’s degree in financial engineering and business finances obtained from Paris-Dauphine.

Life drives and passions

Thomas is a man who is passionate about pleasure, the pleasure of travelling, cooking, celebrating and sharing.

Thomas had the opportunity to travel twice around the world as a backpacker, once by train  after his studies in 2001 during six months and a second time in 2017 with his wife and 3 children.

This taste for other people and discovery can be felt in the way he advises his clients.

Paris, France