Guillermo Rodriguez Capurro


Guillermo has more than fifteen years of experience in the legal corporate field. Along his legal expertise, Guillermo presents a defined commercial profile, and speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese.


Between the years 2005 and 2015, Guillermo worked at several of the most prestigious law firms in Uruguay, such as Posadas and Posadas & Vecino. Furthermore, he worked as a legal counsel for BAF CAPITAL, the investment fund management company, where he performed Investment Management activities.

Guillermo is proficient in different fields of law, including: commercial law, corporate law, sports law and intellectual property, having also developed and assessed real estate businesses in the area. Among other activities, he presently conducts legal counseling at the prestigious and popular Club Nacional de Football.

He joined Boltendahl International Partners, as one of the firm’s representatives for Latin America in 2018.


Guillermo is a graduate in Law and Social Sciences from the UDELAR, Uruguay.

Life drives and passions

Football, sports, travelling

Montevideo, Uruguay