Target Huijbregts Infra
Deal Type Mergers & Acquisitions
Buyer Jaro BV
Transaction Description

Huijbregts Infra B.V.
Huijbregts Infra B.V., based in Reusel, is a family business that has been active in ground, road and hydraulic engineering for over 70 years. The Company specialises in above-ground and underground infrastructure, as well as civil engineering work.

Huijbregts Infra B.V.’s permanent team consists of over 25 employees. After years of enjoyable enterprise, owner Peter Huijbregts indicated that he wanted to transfer the company to an external strategic party. The name Huijbregts Infra B.V. will continue to exist in its current form. Furthermore, both sons of Peter Huijbregts (Martijn and John) and his brother Gerard will remain actively involved in Huijbregts Infra B.V. after the takeover.

Jaro B.V.
JARO B.V., based in Stellendam and founded in 2001, operates nationwide in various disciplines within civil engineering, including ground, road and hydraulic engineering projects. The organisation has grown rapidly each year since its establishment both organically and through acquisitions; the group of companies currently employs around 120 people on a permanent basis.

JARO B.V. mainly specialises in dredging, calamities, earthworks and slipperiness control. Expertise, speed, customer focus and quality make JARO a valued partner for government agencies, developers, construction companies, industrial companies and private individuals.

Role of Match Plan
Match Plan assisted Huijbregts Infra B.V. throughout the entire sales process. Among other things, Match Plan carried out a high-level valuation, drafted the transaction documentation and long list of potential buyers, approached and spoke to the market, successfully received and negotiated bids, supervised the due diligence investigation and drafted and negotiated all the necessary legal transaction documentation. The deal team included Lucas Troelstra, Matthias Duijzer, Hans van de Pas and Reg Schreurs on behalf of Match Plan. In this process, we enjoyed working with Anton Kok of Flynth, Administratiekantoor Marck and JARO’s advisors JM Corporate Finance, KIBO Accountants and YUR Advocaten.

Industry Sector
ICFG Office

ICFG Netherlands assists on the sale of Huijbregts Infra to Jaro BV

Transaction Details

Civil engineering specialist Huijbregts Infra B.V. has been acquired by JARO B.V., also a specialist in that field. Through this takeover, JARO B.V. expands its activities in Southeast Brabant, thereby increasing its working area and expertise. In addition, this takeover offers new and improved future prospects for both companies.