Rens Knevels


Rens is a Director of our Dutch member, Match Plan. He has broad experience in guiding national and international M&A transactions in various industries. Rens loves sports in a pretty competitive way, always respectful but cultivating a winner state-of-mind. Rens is ambitious, reliable and result driven.


After spending half a year in Salamanca to study Spanish. Rens went back to the Netherlands and started to work for Match Plan as one of the first employees in 2013.

Ever since, Rens has been involved with the growth and development of Match Plan to one of the leading M&A offices in the Netherlands. As of today, Match Plan is located in The Hague and has a team of 20 professionals.

In 2017, he became one of the shareholders of Match Plan and in 2021 he became appointed as the M&A Director.

M&A activities don’t have any secret for Rens, who is managing the M&A team of Match Plan with a strong result-oriented state-of-mind and efficiency.

Rens has been involved in some cross-border transactions. Mostly involving a Dutch company, on a sell-side mandate basis. According to Rens, apart from understanding the business, the industry and the market environment, a good understanding of the local cultures and the individuals is also essential. Strong human intelligence skills are important to partner up, talk and negotiate with local people and various deal stakeholders.


Rens studied Business Economics and Finance at Tilburg University. He spent half a year in Salamanca, Spain, to enjoy life and learn Spanish. In 2020, Rens finished the post master study Business Valuation at TIAS.

Life drives and passions

Rens is extremely active in sports. He competitively plays badminton, loves playing tennis with friends and can be found in the gym. There is one thing Rens loves more than doing sports and that is traveling to explore the world: He was fortunate enough to visit many countries in the world already across Africa, Latin-America, Asia, Australia and Europe. He loves nature and wilderness and is always looking forward to the next trip.

The Hague, Netherlands