Seller Maubourguet Group
Target Weldom
Deal Type Mergers & Acquisitions
Buyer Amaury and Maxime LEFEBURE
Transaction Description

The MAUBOURGUET Group comprises three companies operating businesses under the WELDOM banner and specialising in the sale of DIY, gardening and home decoration items.

The companies are located in the Landes département (Mimizan, Parentis and Peyrehorade), which has a very dynamic population trend and an overrepresentation of houses and homeowners.

The three shops have enjoyed steady growth in business since 2019, buoyed by the Covid crisis and the French people’s refocusing on their homes.

The MAUBOURGUET Group had combined sales of €13m at 31/12/2023 and nearly 50 employees.

Amaury and Maxime LEFEBURE, two brothers with very complementary profiles, have positioned themselves for the takeover of the three shops.
Amaury is a former investment banker, while Maxime spent more than 21 years with Leroy-Merlin.

Amaury and Maxime form a team that combines a highly experienced DIY and sales profile with a more financial and general management profile.

After working on their application with the franchisor’s teams, they felt there was a real fit between their entrepreneurial project and the WELDOM Group’s strategy.

The deal was financed with a significant equity contribution from the buyers, and the raising of bank debt with Crédit Agricole.

Christophe and Laetitia MAUBOURGUET commented: “Working with Thomas and Clément from Societex was a positive and rewarding experience. We appreciated their values and professionalism in helping us sell our group.
Throughout the process (finding buyers and negotiating), we were able to continue doing our business without worrying about the legal aspects and the heavy administrative workload. I would definitely recommend them.”



– Christophe et Laetitia MAUBOURGUET
– M&A Advisors : Societex (Thomas BEAURAIN, Clément MATELOT)
– Finance advisor : Groupe CF (Frédéric HUGUET)
– Corporate lawyers : Patricia ETIENNE


– Corporate lawyers : Françoise MICHAL
– Finance advisors : Exco (Denise SARIE, ANTOINE LARROUQUIS)

Industry Sector
ICFG Office

Amaury and Maxime LEFEBURE take over the MAUBOURGUET Group's three WELDOM shops in the South-West of France

Maubourguet Group / Weldom

Transaction Details

ICFG France / SOCIETEX CF was commissioned exclusively by the MAUBOURGUET Group’s shareholders to look for individual buyers wishing to support the Group’s next phase of development. A competitive process was put in place, and many candidates showed interest.