François Ramette


François is the Managing Partner of Deomenos. Through Deomenos and Carmin Finance, ICFG is a leading advisory firm in France on small and medium size companies dedicated to Initial Public Offerings (IPO), fund raising and M&A.


François began his career in 1994 at the Banque de France as a project manager in the Business Department, where he developed a diagnostic model based on strategic and financial data.

He then made a career in the field of mergers and acquisitions, in consulting and then in the industry (Deloitte & Touche Corporate Finance, SNPE, Roullier). François has been involved in numerous buy-side, Joint-Venture creations and sell-side operations in various sectors and on all continents. In particular, he participated in the merger of European military industries related to SNPE and in the setting up of the Roullier Group in Brazil.

In 2006, he founded Deomenos to support companies in their equity activities, in terms of strategic analysis, valuation and support, and the organization of M&A transactions. Fifty SMEs, ETIs and startups have chosen his approach of independent advice and intermediation, to their greatest interest.

In 2019, Deomenos and Carmin Finance joined forces while retaining their independence to deliver a first-class quality of service usually reserved for large investment banks.

The proven experience of François ranks him amongst the specialists in listings on Euronext. With him and his team, Deomenos’ aim is to become a major Listing Sponsor on these markets, but claims complete independence to the point of advising not to raise funds if an alternative solution appears to be in the client’s interest.


François is a graduate from Panthéon Assas University in Paris with a PhD in Business Administration and Management. He added an MBA from ESCP Business School in 2011.

Life drives and passions

Yao’sponsor ( supporting young entrepreneurs in Brittany and enabling their development throughout the region

Prioritizing time to spend with his wife, family and friends

But so happy to be able to go on a boat race.

Paris, France