Juan Capurro Boltendahl

Managing Partner

Juan was born in Paris from a German mother and a Uruguayan father and grew up between Europe and South America. The impulse of this dual cultural heritage made him travel extensively and choose an international life for himself and his family, today 3 grown children with his German wife. People appreciate working with Juan and enjoy his openness and an approach to business solving problems with pragmatism and concrete solutions… and his interesting sense of humor.


Juan’s career first years were in banks: NMB bank in Montevideo, Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt and Banco Medefin in Buenos Aires, a bank strongly hit by the crisis known as “1995 Mexican Tequila crisis”. This gave way to Juan launching his own investment boutique company: Boltendahl International Partners was founded in 1996.

After moving to Madrid and launching the European subsidiary of Boltendahl International in 2002, Juan decided to specialize in the Pharma & Healthcare sector, partnering with his old friend Erik Hartmann, an eminent industry expert. The Pharma industry is a vital, stable sector, with large transactions volume and seemed to be a reasonably sound bet for the newly European based company. In time, Boltendahl became more specialized and the partnership with Industry expert Erik, gave way to a longstanding friendship. Boltendahl International Partners is today 26 years old, has six partners, based in different locations (Madrid, New York, Dusseldorf, Montevideo) and changed HQs three times. All partners have international profiles, are intensive travellers and experts in their fields (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Venture Capital, etc.)

Cross-border M&A is Juan’s playground because there he can apply everything he absorbed through his international childhood, education, languages, and career. Juan approaches the people with kindness and humility, in a respectful and inclusive way, allowing a real partnership with his clients.


Juan studied Economics at the UDELAR Montevideo university and pursued his MBA in IESE, Barcelona, Spain and in Columbia University, New York, USA. The MBA´s “Harvard case method” was a great contrast to the rigorous and tedious textbook learning in the state University of Montevideo.

Life drives and passions

Beyond working, Juan has two present-day passions: sailing with the whole family on French boats in the Balearic Islands, or elsewhere in the Mediterranean, and golfing. Juan used to play tennis, but some injuries brought him to the sport of Golf, that he loves playing together with his family.

Madrid, Spain