M&A – Buy-side

Buying a company is a specially risky journey when executed in an international environment and achieves its return objective only if perfectly tuned with the buyer internationalization strategy.

Qualifying for a cross border acquisition requires to follow precise steps to execute the strategy with a limited risk for the buyer and secure an efficient and low risk process.

Over the years, ICFG has defined and sophisticated its own methodology to execute succesfully those transactions in an international environment.

Qualifying for  international investment requires a more risky process than a national purchase and this is where relying on ICFG with presence in over 10 countries allows to secure a safe path to overcome the numerous gaps of being lost in translation.

Through an efficient process, the ICFG partner will advise you at each stage of the purchase of the asset :

  • Understanding and fine tuning of the internationalization growth strategy
  • If necessary, support in preparing the buyer for managing an international investment
  • Defining the types of sellers ( financial, corporate, family) and processes ( intermediated/direct, ad hoc/public) consistent with the buyer way of acting
  • Target research and profiling
  • Building an approach and offer strategy
  • Connect and build relationships with the business owners and test the availabity of the assets and the driver of a potential transaction
  • Entering into one or several processes
  • Supporting the valuation metrics including the synergies potential
  • Assisting in the negotiation
  • Organizing the due diligences with the support of the local ICFG member
  • Structuring as the case may be a progressive transfer of ownership with a robust Earn-out strategy and shareholder’s agreement
  • Supporting from time to time the Post merger integration part

All the transactions performed by ICFG are Partner-led so that the seller will benefit from a strong expertise and have a central point of contact during this whole process.