Target YICE
Deal Type Mergers & Acquisitions
Buyer Kouters Van der Meer
Transaction Description

Kouters Van der Meer

Kouters Van der Meer has 11 years of experience and is based in Bussum and Vugt. They make difficult things easy by using GRC tools, which are tools that allow departments to operate in a uniform way. They ensure that its clients are in control of their business. They do this by taking charge and taking the client step by step in setting up and implementing good policies within the company with growth as their goal. Industries in which Kouters Van der Meer operate include banks and insurers, small and medium-sized enterprises, pension funds & pension administrators, and account ratios.


YICE, based in Amersfoort, was founded in late 2018 by the owner of Awaretoday and has continued as a separate entity since 2020. YICE stands for Your In Control Engine and is offered as a SaaS service. YICE was created to run an ISMS efficiently and effectively. An ISMS, stands for Information Security Management System, is used to record risks, measures and actions required for risk management and information security.

Role of Match Plan

Match Plan advised the shareholders of Kouters Van der Meer from the moment they had the concrete interest in YICE. This included guidance on valuation, bidding, negotiations, and transaction documentation. During the due diligence we enjoyed working with Martijn Boleij, of Trienekens Boleij.

From Match Plan, Erik Smidt, Matthias Duijzer, and Reg Schreurs were on the deal team.

Industry Sector
ICFG Office

ICFG Netherlands assist on the acquisition of Yice

Transaction Details

Match Plan is assisting Kouters Van der Meer shareholders with the acquisition of YICE. Through the acquisition, Kouters Van der Meer, a governance, risk and compliance firm, broadens and deepens its services in the field of risk management and information security using a GRC tool. Together with Yice, Kouters Van der Meer can also broaden and deepen their footprint in the market.