Target Alyra
Deal Type Mergers & Acquisitions
Buyer MBGO Dev
Transaction Description

In a short space of time, Alyra has distinguished itself as the pioneer and leader in blockchain-based professional training, anticipating and adapting to significant changes in data and property management, moving away from traditional centralised models.

Gwendoline and Matthieu Beaurain, drawing on their diverse entrepreneurial experience, created MBGO Dev with the ambitious aim of developing a business around Talent Management. Training is one of their main areas of development, with the aim of offering solutions tailored to the major societal changes that the world is gradually going to face, between an intensification of the technical nature of skills and a multiplication of areas of activity.

MBGO Dev’s acquisition of Alyra combines education and innovation, reinforcing their forward-thinking positioning in a sector undergoing constant change. This reflects a deep understanding of the current and future needs of education, with a focus on the growing importance of blockchain as a key technology for the coming years.

This strategic partnership will enable Alyra to benefit from Matthieu and Gwendoline Beaurain’s recognised expertise in vocational training and job placement. The aim is to strengthen existing training offerings and launch new initiatives in the emerging fields of blockchain and AI.


MBGO Dev is the family holding company of Gwendoline and Matthieu Beaurain, created in 1998 to house their entrepreneurial projects in the human resources sector.

Our consulting mission

SOCIETEX CF was exclusively commissioned by MBGO Dev’s shareholders to advise and support them in this acquisition.

Gwendoline and Matthieu Beaurain, Co-Founders of MBGO Dev, commented :

“The acquisition of Alyra and the association with Jérémy Wauquier allows MBGO Dev to take a key position in the training sector dedicated to Blockchain and more broadly to Digital Technology. We were very impressed by the level of skills of the Alyra team and by the visionary leadership of Jérémy Wauquier and his team. This is probably what has enabled Alyra to play a leading role in driving the Blockchain community in France. Alyra will be the bridgehead for MBGO Dev’s investments in Tech and Digital.

MBGO Dev wants to play a driving role in building a community of professional training players serving freelance and future freelance workers. Convinced by the inevitable progression of the post-salaried society and the continuing growth in the number of self-employed Talents, we want to equip Talents with skills in high demand and thus facilitate the marketing of their various services.

The Societex team was very present throughout the project. Societex came up with creative proposals that enabled the two parties to rapidly align their positions in a win-win situation to promote the company’s long-term growth”. 

Yoann SUZANNE / Mission Director

– Gwendoline and Matthieu Beaurain, Co-Founders of MBGO Dev

– M&A advisor: Kray&Co (Thomas RIGAUDEAU, Hugo ADDENET, Monica AVELLO)

– Corporate lawyers: Vivien & Associés (Julie TCHAGLASS, Elie LOUNIS, Alexia MORLIER)

– MBGO DEV (Gwendoline BEAURAIN, Matthieu BEAURAIN)

– M&A advisor: Societex (Yoann SUZANNE)
– Co-counsel: Leaf Avocats (Charlotte MANTOUX, Philippe RUFF)
– Banks: BNP Paribas (Sophie DEBART LANDRY, Simon GOUSSE, Mélanie PIRES)

Industry Sector
ICFG Office

MBGO DEV takes over ALYRA, the first blockchain school

Transaction Details

ICFG France / Societex was pleased to help MBGO Dev acquire Alyra, the first Blockchain school.