Informed valuation is at the core of all M&A and debt advisory transactions.

Having a perfect understanding of a company value is critical for the shareholders, in a business selling or buying perspective, or only to have a clear idea of where the business stands at the time of valuation.

All the ICFG members are active in the valuation field but some Members have developed this activity on a stand alone basis that allow to deliver services including straightforward valuation, fairness opinions, impairment tests and purchase price allocation.

The valuation of a company cannot be approached only at national level as more and more markets and know hows get inter connected and obey to drivers that can be located hundreds of kilometers away

This is where the ICFG international experts gets all its sense to support you to analyze the business-model of your company, taking into account the market specialties, and define the accurate value for your company.

Valuation is encompassing much more than ebitda and a back of the enveloppe multiple.

  • Company industry and industry segmentation competitive and growth trends
  • Company business model idiosyncracies and its impact in terms of cash flow generation and capital employed structure
  • Historical capacity to overcome business volatility and capacity to deliver the plan
  • Forward looking statements
  • Comprensive risk assessment
  • Reconstruction of the net debt component through various accounting referentials and through teh whole cash conversion cycle of the company
  • Capacity to build a consistent peer group in terms of valuation and transaction with a robust model enabling to link by nature unique valuation benchmarks with the equity story being valued

Our Registered Valuators, their strong experience and their ability to deliver innovative solutions are key in a valuation process.

ICFG has an award-winning team of valuation specialists, who apply their strong experience and capabilities with a fully partner-led and hands-on advisory approach.