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Seabird Capital represents ICFG in Spain with offices in Madrid

Who is Seabird Capital ?

Seabird Capital is a Spanish independent Financial Advisory firm which joined the ICFG network in Novembre 2022. Seabird capital sees companies as an extension of the people that make them up, which is why they are part of their reason for being.

What is the purpose of Seabird Capital ?

Seabird Capital helps people who make strategic decisions in organisations and entities, in the development of any successful operation or transaction. Seabird Capital’s goal is to identify opportunities to achieve their clients’ goals through financial advisory adapted to the specific needs of each moment. From the offices located in Madrid, they offer advice to a wide range of clients, from entrepreneurs and businessmen to private and institutional investors, both nationally and internationally.

What services Seabird Capital is providing?

Advisory services in Corporate Finance from a financial perspective include the areas of:


  • Divestments and acquisition of companies
  • Corporate mergers
  • Leveraged acquisitions (LBO, MBO y MBI)
  • Shareholding reorganizations
  • Companies and assets valuation
  • Strategic alliances
  • Business plan


  • Debt refinancing
  • Search for financing (Direct Lending, Venture Debt, private placements, etc.)
  • Financing on purchases and sales (Staple Finance, etc.)


  • Capital increases
  • Fairness opinion

Seabird Capital also has an Interim Management department, helping individuals who are responsible of adopting decisive solutions in organizations, in the implementation of the strategic plan. A process focused on contributing to the design of this plan and its subsequent execution in each of the company’s divisions. This service is carried out from the financial field.

Advisory services in Interim Management include the areas of:

  • Strategic and General Management
  • Attendance at boards of directors
  • Financial Management
  • Control and Planning Management
  • Cash Management
  • Operation Management
  • Procedures Management
  • Management of Competitiveness in market

Has Seabird Capital special industry areas of excellence?

Seabird Capital operates on any industrial field. The partners have a deep knowledge of the Tech and Energy sectors as per their experience and past transactions.

What is the landmark transaction Seabird Capital has been involved in?

Seabird Capital has many transactions in the record, and has a team with more than 200 closed financial transactions in Corporate Finance in the last 20 years.

Who is the operating team of Seabird Capital ?

Seabird Capital has a team of professionals with extensive national and international experience in independent advice in Corporate Finance, Interim Management and in the field of investments. 

Seabird Capital’s Partners are:
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Seabird Capital S.L.
Calle de José Lázaro Galdiano, 4
Planta 7
28036 Madrid
Phone: +34 910 56 93 18