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Societex represents ICFG in France with offices in Paris

Who is Societex ?

SOCIETEX is a Corporate Finance consultancy firm specialized in mergers & acquisitions and related fields of expertise.  Created in 1952, SOCIETEX is an historical player on the French market, currently employing 20 professionals.

What is the purpose of Societex ?

SOCIETEX is an independent Corporate Finance consulting firm providing tailor-made services to their clients, and primarily to Small & Medium Businesses, in France and abroad.

Its multi-disciplinary team of 20 consultants conducts a wide range of assignments, articulated around 4 main specialty streams:

  • Sell-side mandates, with an emphasis on businesses’ transfer and succession;
  • Buy-side mandates, with a focus on cross-border transactions;
  • Business and Corporate independent evaluation;
  • Fund-raising.

At the heart of SOCIETEX’ approach is the capability to establish privileged relationships with their clients, thanks to a strong entrepreneurial culture and backgrounds. They pride themselves on aligning their interests with that of their clients, even when this may mean not to go forward with a transaction, they feel would be detrimental to their clients.

  • Societex supports its clients throughout the transaction process through dedicated teams, along with constant communication;
  • Societex implements mastered processes, specifically tailored for each project (timeframe, pricing, team competencies, etc.);
  • Societex proposes innovative financing packaged solutions (LBO, private debt, bonds, etc.);
  • Societex seeks the support its foreign partners to assist clients in implementing their international development strategies;
  • Societex leverages from its knowledge of the market and its actors, gained over 70 years of experience;

What services Societex is providing ?

Societex provides custom made services to its clients, in France and abroad, in the following fields:

  • Sell-side mandates, with an emphasis on businesses’ transfer and succession;
  • Buy-side mandates, with a focus on cross-border transactions;
  • Business and Corporate independent evaluation;
  • Fund-raising.

Special situations: Societex also assists and advise business owners facing distressed situations such as shareholders’ conflicts, economic under-performance, turnarounds, etc.

Has Societex special industrial areas of excellence ?

SOCIETEX is industry agnostic. However, through its experience and the diverse backgrounds of its consultants, Societex has developed solid sector-specific expertise notably in the Tech, Industry, Construction, Agrifood, Services, and Hotel & Catering fields.

  • Tech

SOCIETEX has been advising Tech SMEs and Groups for many years, both in France and abroad, in the context of businesses’ transfers, acquisitions, as well as fundraising.

Among other specialties, Societex has experience dealing with disruptive technologies in areas such as software editing, cybersecurity,  IT consulting and digital technologies.

  • Industry

Societex boasts over 40 years’ experience in the industrial sector, advising entrepreneurs, shareholders and managers in the context of transfers, acquisitions and fundraising. Besides its own resources and talents, they have developed a network of experts and engineers they can call upon when required.

  • Construction

The construction sector has also always been part of SOCIETEX’s core business, with assignments such as assisting shareholding executives in the transfer of their companies or advising senior managers with the reorganization of their non-strategic activities.

  • Agrifood

SOCIETEX has created AgreeFood, a dedicated entity addressing specifically Agrifood companies and assisting them with M&A and development strategies in France and overseas.

The objective and ambition of the AgreeFood offer is to bring together the strengths of the AgreeFood team and that of outsider specialists. By combining financial expertise, process monitoring knowhow and a perfect knowledge of the agrifood sector, they offer clients a unique and specialized multi-dimensional service.

  • Hospitality

SOCIETEX has signed a partnership with Hotel Conseil & Transaction (HC&T), an independent consultancy and transaction company, operating in the hospitality sector. SOCIETEX and HC&T provide their combined expertise at the service of hospitality investors and managers through Hotel-Invest Partners.

What are the landmark transactions Societex has been involved in ?

  • Sell-side transaction

SOCIETEX advised the owners of Amossys, a major player in cybersecurity, in its transfer to Almond, supported since 2021 by Apax Partners.

Societex advised Efinor for the sale of the EFINOR group’s subsidiaries operating in the nuclear power and naval defense sectors in France and the UK to Framatome (EDF Group). This operation allows Framatome to increase its skills in welding and qualified welding standards, while strengthening its position in component manufacturing and in high value-added services for its customers.

  • Buy-side transaction

Societex, initiated and advised Lincoln, a talent management consulting firm based in Paris, has acquired a majority stake in The Executive Network, which includes The Executive Network (TEN), TENEA and Whyz (Whyz Executive Search), each a leader in their recruitment consulting businesses in the Netherlands.

Societex supports the Percy Miller Group, specialized in IT project consulting for the acquisition of CXP, the first independent analysis and consulting firm in Europe in the field of software packages.

  • Fundraising

SOCIETEX advised ProNoïa, a major franchise partner of the KFC brand in France, in raising €85 million from various sources, to finance its development

The AMI (AUDIO MEDIA IMPACT) Group raises €6M from IMPACT Partners and is committed to measuring the social impact of its programs

What is the operating team of Societex ?

SOCIETEX gathers a multi-disciplinary team of 20 consultants, comprised of 4 partners, 6 Directors and 6 analysts, bringing together their industries’ knowledge and experience.

The partners

  • Thomas Beaurain (CEO)
  • Jean-Jacques Vaury
  • Bernard Maussion
  • Pascal Rivière
  • Krzysztof Giecold
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