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Wintergerst represents ICFG in Germany with offices in both Stuttgart and Hamburg.

Who is Wintergerst ?

Wintergerst, founded in 2011 is a partnership-oriented management consultancy and M&A boutique. It is jointly led by 4 active partners that advised more than 300 companies.

What is the purpose of Wintergerst ?

The firm focuses on the advice and support of German small and medium-sized companies, especially on family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs facing fundamental business decisions, as well as providing buy side support to foreign investors that are targeting the “German Mittelstand”.

Well-founded methodological competence, excellent specialist know-how and a high degree of seniority in the projects together with a commitment to implementation and execution meets the business need of investors, international groups, and entrepreneurs alike and are just some qualities that make Wintergerst stand out from the crowd.

What services Wintergerst is providing ?

The objectives of its middle-market clients and the need to act, define the range of the services that the firm offers.

The company is active in :

  • Mergers and acquisitions through sell side and buy side operations
  • Distressed M&A
  • Post-Merger Integration and Carve-Outs
  • Restructuring with or without a legal proceeding context
  • Management consulting

Has Wintergerst special industrial areas of excellence ?

Although the company is active in many economic fields, its experience has reached special depth in the following areas :

What are the landmark transactions Wintergerst has been involved in ?

  • MBO/Komori (Cross Boarder M&A)
  • Jacob
  • Wohlhaupter / Allied Machine & Engineering Corp

What is the operating team of Wintergerst ?

The consulting team consists of 20 top-qualified and experienced consultants who work together in individual teams tailored to the task at hand.

The partners

  • Volker Wintergerst
  • Bernd Grupp
  • Christian Kunz
  • Felix Leonberger

Contacts/Senior Advisors

  • Volker Wintergerst
  • Lars Gairing
  • Christian Scharfenberger
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Wintergerst Societät für Unternehmer-Beratung
Augustenstraße 1
70178 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 699 855-0