Debt advisory

The need for corporate finance advise can arise due to liquidity problems.

Our ICFG worlwide experts will support you to define and set up the best debt financing strategy to answer the company needs. You will benefit from the strong level of experience of our Partners in an international finance network, and those Partners will support you through all the stages of the financing process:

– Strategy definition to answer your needs
– Debt structure analysing
– Preparation of a financial memorandum
– Approach financing stakeholders according to the defined strategy
– Dataroom preparation
– Negotiations
– Due diligence follow-up
– Review of legals, commercial and tax aspects
– Complete funding

Our strong experience and the important financing track record give us a deep understanding of the debt options available and the best private equity firms, banks, high net worth individuals and other lenders we built strong relationship with. Anticipation of future economic conditions and ability to deliver innovative solutions from an increasingly complex and diverse funding market are key elements for a successful financing.