External factors can cause companies to fall into difficulties, even with the best management team.

Our ICFG worldwide experts will support you through this complicated stage, and help you at the crisis early stage to design a sustainable solution and advise you on the immediate actions to set up.

You will benefit from the strong level of experience of our Partners in an international finance network, and those Partners will support you through all the stages of the financing process:

– Situation and risk analysis
– Financial structure analysing
– Recommandations on the best strategy to put in place: quantifiable remedial measures
– Approach financing stakeholders according to the defined strategy, if necessary
– Strategy deployment at each level of the business
– Finalization and business sustainability review

Our strong experience and the important track record give us a deep understanding of the  options available for a business restructuring. Ability to listen and understand the crisis level, anticipation of future economic conditions and ability to deliver innovative solutions are key in a restructuring process.