Target WGA Raadgevers
Deal Type Mergers & Acquisitions
Buyer Aquilum
Transaction Description

By pooling knowledge and expertise, employers across the Netherlands can be even better supported in managing absenteeism and claims.

Aquilum group now consists of eight labels. Together, they relieve employers of all aspects of sustainable employability. They do so with certified occupational health and safety services and customised programmes and processes in the field of prevention, absenteeism, reintegration, team development, outplacement, personal and career coaching.

WGA Raadgevers is a specialist in absenteeism management. Through scans and solutions, they are able to achieve claims management.

Industry Sector
ICFG Office

ICFG Netherlands / Match Plan assisted Aquilum in raising financing for the acquisition of WGA Raadgevers

Transaction Details

A new transaction closed by our Dutch member, Match Plan, which is very active in healthcare services.