Seller The Gehring Group
Target The Gehring Group
Deal Type Mergers & Acquisitions
Transaction Description

The NAGEL Group, a specialist in superfinishing and honing technologies based in Nürtingen, won approval to take over the Gehring Group based in Ostfildern, which was up for auction after becoming insolvent. With this acquisition, NAGEL reinforces its global market reach and anchors its positioning as a reliable and innovative partner to the automobile industry.

The NAGEL Group came relatively late to the transaction process at the end of September 2020 and therefore was faced with an extremely ambitious time plan. Thanks to its familiarity with the market and the short decision paths within the family-owned enterprise, NAGEL was able to submit a qualified offer for the Gehring Group at extremely short notice with assistance from the team of M&A specialists at Wintergerst.

Industry Sector
ICFG Office

ICFG Germany supported NAGEL in its acquisition of the Gehring Group

Transaction Details

ICFG member Wintergerst Societät für Unternehmer-Beratung, based in Stuttgart, has successfully provided a comprehensive suite of advisory services to family-owned NAGEL, during the acquisition of the Gehring Group.