Seller MaxCo Polska
Target MaxCo Polska
Deal Type Mergers & Acquisitions
Buyer XL Recycling / The Reborn Group
Transaction Description

The sale will enable Max Craipeau, the Company’s shareholder, to strengthen his focus and activities on the plastic recycling industry in Asia.

The Transaction allows XL Recycling to enhance its presence in Poland, as well as enable XL Recycling to leverage on Maxco Polska’s presence and industry network to further continue its success story. Maxco Polska shall continue its operations under its new name, XL Recycling.

The Company and Max Craipeau were exclusively advised by CIGP. In its capacity as advisor, CIGP managed the sales process, prepared the sales documentation, accompanied the seller on the due diligence, conducted contract negotiations and successfully assisted on concluding the transaction.

Elzbieta Viroux from Viroux & Partners acted as legal counsel for Max Craipeau and the Company in connection with the transaction.

About MaxCo Polska

MaxCo Polska (the “Company”), founded in Poland, is one of the multiple ventures started by Max Craipeau. MaxCo Polska’s main business is in Poly-Ethylene (PE) granulation, commonly used for the packaging of plastic bottles and other consumer goods products. The Company collects quality plastic feedstocks from long-time suppliers across Europe, sorts, filters and pelletizes it into r-PE pellets ensuring it is re-used.

About XL Recycling (

XL Recycling is a subsidiary under the Reborn Group, together with ExcelRise, Ceisa Packaging and Semo Packaging (together, the “Group”). XL Recycling specialises in the circular economy of plastics and upcycling plastic packaging into reusable brand-new products. The group employs 350 people at its 5 production sites in France (Normandy, Vosges, Pyrenees, Centre Val de Loire, Rhône-Alpes) and has sales subsidiaries in Poland, Morocco and the USA. For more information:

Industry Sector
ICFG Office

Thanks to ICFG China, MaxCo Polska successfully joins the Reborn Group under the XL Recycling activities.

Transaction Details

Advised by the ICFG Hong-Kong, China, member, CIGP, the shareholder of MaxCo Polska (the “Company”) has successfully closed the sale of a 100% stake to XL Recycling (trading under the Reborn Group), a French stalwart in the plastic circular economy (the “Transaction”).