Seller Cadica, Tessilgraf and Bernini
Target Cadica, Tessilgraf and Bernini
Deal Type Mergers & Acquisitions
Buyer H.I.G Europe
Transaction Description

The combined Group specializes in garment labels, tags and packaging supplies for the leading premium and ultra luxury fashion brands. The solutions offered are of increasing strategic importance for fashion houses keen to differentiate their image and products from those of competitors, ensure their authenticity, and improve customers’ shopping experience. The Group offers a high value-added service to its customers, which is based on the design of creative solutions and the search for innovative materials, on anti-counterfeiting systems, and on international logistic support.

The integration of Cadica, Tessilgraf and Bernini, all leading players in their respective specialty, creates a leading world market player with sales in over 90 countries, with more than 900 customers. The integration will generate significant synergies, enhancing the distinctive features of each company within the Group and benefitting from their shared IT infrastructure, international logistics platform (with a presence in the USA, China, Hong Kong, India, Turkey, Romania and Tunisia), manufacturing know-how, and high-level expertise in design.

The newly formed Group will act as a platform for an ambitious program of further acquisitions, aimed at creating the leading international provider of components for premium and ultra luxury brands (buttons, zippers, metal decorations, ribbons, labels, packaging, etc.).

Industry Sector
ICFG Office

ICFG Italy advised on the acquisition and integration of Cadica,Tessilgraf and Bernini by H.I.G Europe

Transaction Details

District Advisory SRL, Palmer Corporate Finance, ICFG member based in Italy, has recently supported  H.I.G Europe in the acquisiton of Cadica, Tessilgraf and Bernini to form a leading global trim and packaging manufacturer for the premium and ultra luxury fashion industry (the “Group”).