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Linde AG acquires 100% of Bertrams Heatec AG
ICFG Zurich - AVaccani&Partners
Linde AG acquires 100% of Bertrams Heatec AG
Target Company Name Bertrams Heatec AG
Deal Types
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
Target Country Switzerland
Buyer Name / MBO Team / MBI Team Linde AG
Buyer Country Germany
Transaction Description

Linde AG (Munich, Germany), a leading publicly quoted industrial group with €12.5 billion turnover acquires 100% of Bertrams Heatec AG (Pratteln, Switzerland), an engineering company and supplier of turnkey process heat plants.

A.Vaccani&Partners initiated the transaction and represented the interests of the private seller.

Industry Sectors
  • Energy, Cleantech & Renewables
  • Industrial Manufacturing
ICFG Office Zurich, Switzerland
ICFG Advisory ICFG Zurich - AVaccani&Partners

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