Thanks to ICFG France, Walden enters the Italian logistical pharma market

Movianto International B.V. a company of the Walden Group, a leading European multinational Group operating in the fields of logistic, storage and order preparation fields and of transportation of drugs, medical devices and all goods related to the healthcare, headed by the CEO @Stephane Baudry, purchased 75 % of  XCM Healthcare S.r.l. and  Unitex S.r.l.

“I am impressed by what has been achieved in a short period of time by them, I think we are sharing the same values as well as an entrepreneurial mindset. This has certainly been determining in our intention to bring our companies to work together”.  says Stéphane Baudry, Chairman of the Walden Group

Over the last couple years, the Marzano family and Mr Colella developed a solid transport network organised arouncd 2 main hubs strategically positioned in north and south of Italy offering a full coverage with an established network enabling to deliver over 18 000 pharmacies . With this new venture, Eurotranspharma, Walden’s pharmaceutical last mile transport business unit will extend its footprint and reach a 9th covered European country to servce its clients.

In parallel the XCM company has developed a promising logistical activity that will be boosted by of the integration in  Movianto, Walden’s healthcare logistics expert, operating already in 12 European countries.

“This acquisition represents the first step of our development in Italy. We are willing to work together with the Unitex and the XCM teams to start building Eurotranspharma and Movianto Italy. I am convinced that we will achieve a lot considering the experienced team that Unitex and XCM have in place as well as our presence in multiple European markets offering a wide and market expertise and management organisation” continues Baudry

The group objective is to become a healthcare supply chain key player in the Italian market and continue to reinforce its European healthcare offer towards their clients.

Italy is the 4th European country where the group is extending operations in a year of time after opening its transport activity in Romania and Germany & extending its resources in linehauling in Belgium. The group has big ambitions for the future, with other projects in the pipeline.

“Of course, continuing our European build up is a priority but we are a very agile organisation and ready to seize opportunities. We are ready to grow wherever we can bring value to our customers and to the different healthcare markets even if it means going out of Europe “concludes Baudry.

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