2 new Partners join our member firm in Switzerland

A. Vaccani &Partners, ICFG member based in Switzerland, are delighted to announce the addition of 2 new Partners to their team to further strengthen their consulting, merger and acquisition activities.


Tania Lehmkuhl Ador joins AVP as Practice Leader for Family Office Services and Strategy & Corporate Governance, strengthening and adding valuable new services to the AVP portfolio.  Tania Lehmkuhl Ador is a Swiss attorney with an MBA from Harvard.  She has extensive experience in corporate governance and ownership structures in the financial industry.


Based in Geneva, she started her career at Banque Scandinave en Suisse in portfolio management and legal before founding her own law firm.  Ms Lehmkuhl Ador then transitioned to an international family office as Managing Director, administering a portfolio of 100 companies, trusts and foundations. Within the same group, she also served as Chief Operating Officer and Group Head of Legal and Compliance.


Tania Lehmkuhl Ador joins the AVP team as a Partner. She has an extensive professional network and strong ties to Norway. With her high interest in circular economy, ESG and environment, she would like to use her experience and skills in corporate governance and legal matters to help her clients make the best decisions in this area. She has international experience in six countries and seven languages and is fluent in English, French, Norwegian, German and Swedish.


Hoonsik Bae Joins AVP as an Associate Partner, and strengthens not only their services in M&A, post-merger integration, strategy development and implementation, but also their geographic reach in Asia.    Mr Bae has extensive experience in heavy industries with a background in Change Management and Operational Excellence, Business Development, Legal Compliance and Supply Chain Management.


Based in Seoul, South Korea, Hoosnik Bae has served corporate senior and executive roles worldwide for the Doosan Group, including Doosan Heavy Industries, Doosan Babcock, Doosan Skoda and Doosan Lentjes. His last role was as CEO of Doosan Heavy Industries in Japan and Executive Vice President of Doosan Heavy Industries in Korea. With a Master of Law and MBA, and the wealth of experience working in an international background, Mr. Bae has a much welcome skillset to enhance the AVP team.


Some of his core competencies include P&L, Strategy Planning, Change Management and Operational Excellency. Mr. Bae has joined the AVP team as an Associate Partner. He has a strong international network throughout the power industry as well as strong personal relationships in Korea. He is fluent in Korean, English and Japanese, and is very familiar with cross-cultural business practices.

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