ICFG clients use their skills to support the Covid-19 effort

We have read about the amazing work carried out by the Mercedes F1 team, whose HPP (High Performance Powertrains) engineers have worked alongside engineers at the University College London (UCL) and clinicians at UCL Hospital in the UK, to develop a new breathing device which has now been approved for use by the UK’s National Health Service in the battle against coronavirus.


The engineers and clinicians have been working together since mid-March at UCL’s engineering hub to reverse-engineer an existing CPAP device, used in Italian and Chinese hospitals, to be mass-produced. Now, the UK regulatory board has recommended it for use.  This will be invaluable to the NHS in the UK, which currently does not have enough CPAP devices in UK hospitals to cope with the surge in patients suffering from coronavirus.


Across the globe, ICFG clients have also responded to the call to arms, and are readily turning their skills to support the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.


Notably in France, Chargeurs, a worldwide leader in several niche businesses, has mobilised its resources in response to the health crisis by building on its expertise in chemicals and textiles.  Chargeurs Group is a client of Carmin Finance, ICFG member in France, and are now producing hydroalcoholic solutions for healthcare professionals and critical sectors, as well as providing protective masks in industrial mass quantities. 


Thanks to the commitment of their staff during this unprecedented period, and in close collaboration with the country's health authorities, the Chargeurs Group is now able to produce industrial quantities of much needed gel and masks for healthcare professionals and exposed workers on the front line.


Faced with shortages in France and in several other countries, Michaël Fribourg the CEO and Chairman  of Chargeurs, has successfully re-directed the Group's expertise and talents to support the healthcare effort during this global pandemic.


In the UK, a team of engineers at the University of Sunderland's Automotive and Manufacturing Advanced Practice (AMAP) have come up with some innovative products designed to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.


A client of ICFG member HMT LLP has diversified to help fight the coronavirus spread.  UAP, a leading UK supplier and distributor of high specification door and window hardware, are using their 3D printers which are normally used for prototyping, to manufacture these laser cut gadgets designed by AMAP.  These allow people to open doors without having to touch handles with their hands.   These devices were initially created to support a local care home provider in the UK.


Our clients have talent!  And we thank them for their efforts during this difficult time.

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