ICFG Netherlands assists with debt advisory on the acquisition of TR Care

JOYinCARE operates as a manufacturer and supplier of lifting and transfer aids specifically for healthcare. Together with care providers, clients and paramedics, JOYinCARE devises solutions for each unique need. To keep care available and affordable both now and in the future, JOYinCARE tackles physical load step by step. In doing so, JOYinCARE responds to the increasing demand to reduce physical overload among care providers. As part of its overall approach, JOYinCARE examines the problems and solutions in practice and supports and advises their specialists in implementation.

For almost 30 years, TR-Care has specialised in fitting out washrooms and supplying lifting systems for the healthcare sector. TR-Care offers full service in the field of these care aids. From the design phase onwards, TR-Care thinks along completely, whether this is a new construction project or renovation. To convey the correct use of the transfer aids to the care professional, TR-Care also offers coaching & training. Besides delivery and assembly, TR-Care also offers maintenance service.

Role of Match Plan
As a result of the acquisition of TR-Care by JOYinCARE, the need for additional acquisition financing arose, on the one hand, as a total matching debt package, on the other. Match Plan was asked to assist in attracting an optimal financing structure. Match Plan helped JOYinCARE with, among other things:

– Drafting a financing memorandum including internal, external, financial and scenario analysis; and
– Selecting and approaching (potential) financirs;
– Holding (joint) discussions with (potential) financiers;
– Receiving, assessing and discussing indicative term sheets; and
– Advising on choice of financier(s);
– Conducting negotiations with the selected financier(s) if they have made an indicative bid;
– Negotiating the (bank) documentation; and
– Closing, including signing the documentation and monitoring funds received.

From Match Plan, Leon Koorevaar, Yvo Bruin and Niels Beckers were on the deal team.

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