ICFG Netherlands assists Ondernemend Kapitaal with the acquisition of Wipro

ICFG member based in The Netherlands has successfully assisted investment network Ondernemend Kapitaal in the acquisition of Wipro. This is the fourth time Match Plan has guided a takeover process for Ondernemend Kapitaal.

Located in Winterswijk, Wipro produces glass system walls and movable partitions under the name  of “Askon Systeemwand”.  The sale and assembly of Askon Systeemwand is provided by a large number of finishing companies in the Netherlands. As two of the three shareholders near retirement age, Wipro shareholders had planned to transfer the organization. With the acquisition of the shares, Wipro will continue to operate from Winterswijk, and growth and quality will be further enhanced.

Ondernemend Kapitaal is a pragmatic and entrepreneurial group of investors who invest in SMEs and family businesses. The group was set up by Match Plan and accountancy firm De Groof (currently Accon AVM). The goal is to allow successful entrepreneurs to jointly participate in existing organizations in order to take them to the next level. This is achieved through the input of knowledge, entrepreneurship and capital from the investors from a variety of backgrounds. Most investors join this committed investment group after the sale of their company.  Currently these are mostly relations between Match Plan, Accon AVM and of the current participants of Ondernemend Kapitaal.

Match Plan assisted all shareholders throughout the entire sale process, with a focus on assessing the indicative bids on the basis of a high level valuation.  Match Plan subsequently guided the shareholders through the negotiations, the recording in a letter of intent, the due diligence process and the recording of the agreed arrangements in the final contract documentation.

Despite current challenging COVID-19 conditions and restrictions, Match Plan assisted Ondernemend Kapitaal throughout the entire acquisition process. Match Plan actively searched for a suitable proposition based on the investment criteria of Ondernemend Kapitaal and then assessed the proposition, carried out a valuation of the company, made an indicative offer, conducted negotiations, supervised the due diligence process, drew up the contracts and arranged the financing.

Match Plan has advised and guided Ondernemend Kapitaal on three previous occasions, namely in the acquisition process of furniture producer De Esdoorn, talent recruitment and temporary employment agency Inventus and IT company, L’Unité.
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