ICFG Netherlands assists on the sale of BIMlink to investors


BIMlink is an online building file for storing and managing information on every phase of building development, design, construction and management. All appropriate documents, drawings and models on all life phases of a building are available online, securely and in a structured manner to the project partners involved. All project partners have access to up-to-date data from the file relevant to them. In this way, the building is built and managed efficiently and jointly.


KUBUS has been supplying BIM software for the designing and executing construction industry since 1992: from design software to tools for model checking and issue management for improving model quality. KUBUS also advises and supports companies in the transition to working with BIM (building information model), where the practice-oriented approach is experienced as distinctive. With BIMcollab, KUBUS is the global market leader in cloud-based BIM issue management and model validation. In addition, in recent years they have become one of the leading BIM suppliers in the Benelux.

Role of Match Plan

Match Plan advised the shareholders of Bimlink from the moment they had received the concrete interest from KUBUS. Among other things, we provided guidance in the negotiations, the agreement of the letter of intent and transaction documentation, and the due diligence.

From Match Plan, Hans van de Pas, Matthias Duijzer and Sebastiaan Hoftijzer were on the deal team.

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