ICFG Netherlands assist Metaalcenter Driessen on the acquisition of Abrahams

Metaalcenter Driessen

Metaalcenter Driessen, based in Weert, has been active in a variety of sectors for more than 25 years, producing metal products for various applications. These include parts for medical devices, pipe and structural work for the construction industry and various tools for industry. Steel, aluminium and stainless steel are the most common types of material and are processed both as sheets and tubes/sleeves.

Abrahams Metalworking

Abrahams Metalworking is a company that has been involved in CNC turning (Computer Numerical Control) and milling or a combination of these for almost 30 years. They aim to produce in such an efficient and cost-conscious way, so that the customer can get the products at the best value for money. They do this by focusing on growth and innovation, and try to offer as many services to their customers as possible. These include milling, robotisation, assembly, technical support, 3D printing and laser engraving.

Role of Match Plan

Match Plan advised the shareholders of Metaalcenter Driessen from the moment they had the concrete interest in Abrahams. Among other things, we coordinated the book examination, arranged the bank financing, drafted the transaction documentation and then held discussions and negotiations on this.

From Match Plan, Matthias Duijzer, Leon Koorevaar, Raymon Kouwenhoven and Niels Ansems were on the deal team.

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