ICFG Netherlands advised Weave on the sale of their company to Mijndomein

ICFG Netherlands was asked to assist Stephan Plat and Peter Jan Karens with the sale of their shares in software company Weave. The Rotterdam-based company continued as of February 15 under the name Mijndomein.

Weave is an innovative software development company focused on cloud-native software development. With a team of 20 developers and designers, they help clients in numerous fields as a technical development partner. One of Weave’s main focuses is making an impact through their technology. The recent acquisition by Mijndomein allows the company to use their technological knowledge to contribute to the ambitious ambitions of Mijndomein.

Mijndomein most people know as a domain registration platform for small business owners. The two parties have been working together successfully for years and Mijndomein has already held a minority stake in Weave since 2019. The strategic acquisition enables Mijndomein to accelerate its ambitions as a provider of platforms for shared hosting, smart energy and shared mobility.
‘We are impressed by the knowledge and skill of Weave’s development teams and are therefore very pleased that Weave will become a full part of Mijndomein,” said Henri de Jong, co-founder of Mijndomein.
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