ICFG Germany supports the disposal of Melchior Textil GmbH in an international transaction process

ICFG member Wintergerst Societät für Unternehmer-Beratung based in Stuttgart, has advised family-owned company HOS Group on the strategic realignment of the disposal of Melchior Textil GmbH to the British-Portuguese joint venture MGC – Acabamentos Têxteis.

The HOS Group, based in Wendlingen in southern Germany, has a strong company history of more than 200 years and is managed by the owner-family in the seventh generation. The HOS Group’s entrepreneurial activity covers the clothing, renewable energy and real estate sectors. As a part of the realignment of the group structure, Melchior Textil GmbH, operating in the workwear market, was divested. The company is involved in the development and sale of high-quality textile workwear. The company, which holds an outstanding market position in the DACH region, has access to an international distribution network with sales representatives in Scandinavia, France and Croatia.

As part of the international transaction process, MGC, a joint venture of the Portuguese textile manufacturing company TMG-Acabamentos Têxteis and the British fabric manufacturer Carrington Textiles Ltd, were awarded the contract. MGC expects considerable synergies resulting from the acquisition of Melchior and ensures its market access to the DACH region. This will also enable a larger product portfolio selection for Melchior customers and an even more stable supply chain.

Dirk Otto, Managing Director of the HOS Group says: “The opportunities of the new partnership are outstanding for Melchior Textil. Bundling technical capabilities and resources of all three companies underpins and secures the market position of Melchior Textil in the long term. We would like to say thank you to the whole Wintergerst team for their excellent support and extremely professional process management.”

Manfred Seeber, Managing Director of Melchior Textil states: “We are now part of a vertically integrated textiles group.  Consequently, we can continue to offer our customers high-quality products and services, as well as expand our product portfolio further in the future.”

Volker Wintergerst, Managing Partner at Wintergerst Societät für Unternehmer-Beratung add; “We are proud to have shaped a strategically perfect solution with a tailor-made partner for the renowned HOS Group and its participation Melchior Textil”.
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