ICFG Germany / Quantum Partners advises the shareholders of Qoniac GmbH on the sale to KLA Corp.

The semiconductor market is characterized by constant competition for higher-performance logic and memory chips at lower cost. Efficient mass production with adequate yield is the key to success, making innovative technologies for process testing and optimization increasingly important.

Qoniac develops and distributes a highly innovative software for optimizing lithography and patterning processes in the leading-edge semiconductor industry. In just a few years, the solution has established itself as an important optimization tool in memory chip production and is now expanding into the logic segment.

In this context, the management of Qoniac wanted to push ahead with its expansion with the right strategic partner. The relevant semiconductor suppliers are located in the USA and Japan, so an M&A process had to be internationally oriented from the outset. Initial exploratory talks were held in connection with one of the most important specialized trade fairs in the USA and were subsequently intensified. A highly structured process or an auction would not have been suited for the sale of such a specialized high-end technology. It was important to consider the specific circumstances of the potential buyer, its position in the semiconductor ecosystem, its distribution model, etc., and to think towards a common business plan. In the end, the shareholders decided to team up with KLA, as this combination would best realize the potential of the technology.

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