ICFG France advised Eurotranspharma on expanding its operations to the Czech Republic and Slovakia

EUROTRANSPHARMA, the leading multi-country specialist in last mile healthcare distribution (GDP temperature-controlled network) in Europe has acquired Mitters S.R.O., a Czech GDP carrier and long-time partner of the Walden Group.
Eurotranspharma is continuing its expansion and development strategy by capitalizing on local expertise to adhere to local healthcare market standards.

The acquisition of Mitters s.r.o will extend the Eurotranspharma network to 6 countries, encompassing 8 hubs, 25 regional depots and 800 GDP temperature-controlled vehicles. 
Eurotranspharma expects to develop the transport activity up to 50% growth in the next 2 years in Eastern Europe.  Eurotranspharma will deploy a 4M€ investment plan to develop the transport activity in those markets.

About Mitters

Mitters is a Brno-based last mile transport company specialist in temperature-regulated healthcare  distribution in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In operation since 20010, the company has 20 employees, operates 18 daily tours in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company’s turnover amounts to €1 million.

About Eurotranspharma
Eurotranspharma is the leading European multi-country carrier 100% dedicated to healthcare products. In conformity with the GDP standards, Eurotranspharma delivers healthcare products in a temperature-controlled environment ( 2-8 °C / 15-25 °C ). Owing to its IT connected tools, Eurotranspharma provides top-quality last mile distribution with the full end-to-end traceability that healthcare products require. The company operates in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a fleet of 800 vehicles and 1000 specially trained & committed staff. 
Andrej Mitter says, “This merger with Eurotranspharma will enable Mitters to access best-in-class IT systems, unified GDP best practices, centralized quality control, and an international control tower system. Our transport capacities and drivers will continue to operate in local markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and now will be connected daily to the western Eurotranspharma countries.”

Benoît Latteur, CEO of Eurotranspharma; “By becoming Eurotranspharma Czech Republic, Mitters is enabling us to increase the value provided to our customers by expanding our operations to Eastern countries and reinforcing our international capabilities.  Our customers expect a one stop shop experience for multiple EU countries with standardized Quality Management in transport”
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