Carmin Finance

153, Boulevard Haussmann
75008 Paris

Phone: +33 1 85 08 74 26

Mail: >>click here<<


Carmin Finance is the ICFG network partner in France, with office in Paris.

Carmin Finance is an approved financial strategy consulting firm dedicated to private, public or publicly traded companies. As a specialist Carmin Finance has several favorite economic sectors : Real estate/ the hotel industry/infrastructure, Insurance banking, Media technology and Telecommunications.

Thanks to their past experience, the founding members of Carmin bring their reactivity, as well as their proximity and ability to intervene in complex situations to the company. They have decided to focus on areas of expertise which are critical to European financial engineering: real estate strategy, balance sheet optimization, digital transition, public-private relations and mediation. Carmin Finance is mainly aimed at large and midcaps but also has a team especially dedicated to dealing with small caps.

  • 5 seniors partners with experiences as bankers and executive officers of large companies
  • a taskforce of 11 people to ensure the execution of transactions
  • sustainable and close partnerships with top opinion makers
  • diversity, expertise and flexibility giving birth to innovating solutions
  • personal commitment in the conduct of the deals senior managing directors / partners
  • the Carmin Group operates on 3 complementary segments: advisory, financial services and asset management
  • culture of compliance
  • ensures a high-quality service, independent, tailored and free of any conflit of interests

Senior Advisors:

  • Christophe Pothier
  • Dominique Tréchot
  • Eric Martin

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