Hong Kong

Compagnie d'Investissements et de Gestion Privée

2nd and 3rd Floor Hollywood Commercial House
3-5 Old Bailey street, Central
Hong Kong

Phone: +852 3842 1150

Mail: >>click here<<


In China and Hong Kong, ICFG is represented by Compagnie d'Investissements et de Gestion Privée (CIGP).

CIGP is a Swiss-based independent multi-family office and an international financial advisory boutique, with offices in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We provide private wealth & asset management, as well as corporate finance services to like-minded entrepreneurial families and institutional clients.

CIGP has a strong commitment to Asia. Through our presence in Hong Kong, we aim to bridge the Asian and Western markets.

Senior Advisors:

  • Luciano Tattoni
  • Nicolas Costa
  • Hugues de Saint Seine
  • Valentin Ischer
  • Valentin Chenaux
  • Carl-Alexander Van Tornout
  • Rain Lin


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