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Ebara Environmental Plant Co., Ltd. and Martin GmbH conclude a cooperation partnership
ICFG Zurich - AVaccani&Partners led the partner search in Japan
Ebara Environmental Plant Co., Ltd. and Martin GmbH conclude a cooperation partnership
Target Company Name Martin GmbH für Energie- und Umwelttechnik
Deal Types
  • Strategic Advice
Target Country Germany
Buyer Name / MBO Team / MBI Team Ebara Environmental Plant Co., Ltd.
Buyer Country Japan
Transaction Description

EBARA Environmental Plant Co., Ltd. (EBARA) and MARTIN GmbH für Umwelt- und Energietechnik (MARTIN) concluded a cooperation partnership for the Waste-to-Energy market in Japan. EBARA will have the exclusive right to MARTIN reverse-acting grate technologies for new plants and major refurbishments. AVP led Martin’s partner search in Japan and supported the transaction.

Under the cooperation agreement, MARTIN and EBARA will work closely together to bring the newest MARTIN reverse-acting grate technologies to Japan as well as further developments of the MARTIN technology.

To date, more than 420 plants in 34 countries have been equipped with more than 800 lines with MARTIN reverse-acting grate combustion technology, treating close to 300,000 tons per day of municipal household waste. EBARA has designed and delivered more than 540 combustion lines in more than 440 plants using both grate and fluidized bed technology, and they now have 80 local operation contracts.

EBARA Environmental Plant Co., Ltd. (, a part of the EBARA Group founded in 1912, specializes in engineering, construction, maintenance and facility management of Waste-to-Energy projects. EBARA provides integrated systems of design/procurement/construction (EPC) and operation management/maintenance (O&M) to ensure the safe and extended operation of existing facilities. The number of employees is 2,046 as of December 31, 2017.

MARTIN GmbH ( has been successfully active - as general contractor, consortium partner, supplier of components or engineering partner - in the field of combusting problematic fuels such as low grade coal and waste for more than 90 years. The core component of these plants, the combustion grate, is designed and constructed in detail by MARTIN. MARTIN also has a sound knowledge of heat recovery boilers and of other essential components and systems. The 4th generation family-owned and managed company employs about 250 people, most of them in the headquarters in Munich.

Industry Sectors
  • Energy, Cleantech & Renewables
  • Industrial Manufacturing
ICFG Office Zurich, Switzerland
ICFG Advisory ICFG Zurich - AVaccani&Partners led the partner search in Japan

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