ICFG UK hosts live webinar on value drivers in the e-commerce fulfilment sector

ICFG member in the UK, HMT LLP, has recently hosted a live webinar on value drivers within the e-commerce fulfilment sector and how recent events have impacted this space over the past 12 months. 


Hosted by HMT Director Ricky Lane, four expert panellists from within the sector also took part in the discussion:


Ricky and the Panelists explored four main topics during the webinar, looking at the macro-economic impact of both COVID and Brexit on the sector, the use of technology and M&A value drivers, as well as welcoming questions from the guests.

Below are the main takeaways from the session.


How the e-commerce fulfilment sector has been impacted by recent events


The impact of Covid-19


The impact of Brexit


The M&A market in the e-commerce fulfilment sector


Technology driven


M&A Market


If you would like to receive a link to a recording of the full webinar session please contact Hannah Staples at hstaples@icfg.net

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